Antena 1.80 Channel Master

Descripción: Antena offset original transmisora y receptora para Banda KU

Precio: $69,800.00

Características y especificaciones:

• One-piece precision offset compression molded reflector.
• Heavy-duty galvanized AZ / EL mount.
• Fine azimuth and elevation adjustments.
• Galvanized feed support arm and alignment struts.
• Galvanized and stainless hardware for maximum corrosion resistance.
• Available with a wide variety of C-Band and Ku-Band Rx / Tx feed assemblies and ODU mounting kits.

The Channel Master® Type 183 1.8m Offset Rx / Tx Antenna is a rugged commercial grade product suitable for the most demanding applications. The reflector is compression-molded for strength and surface accuracy. Molded into the rear of each reflector is a network of support ribs which not only strengthens the antenna, but also helps to sustain the critical parabolic shape necessary for transmit performance. The AZ / EL mount is constructed from heavy-gauge steel to provide a rigid support to the reflector and feed support arm. Heavy-duty lockdown bolts secure the mount to any 4.50'' O.D. mast and prevent slippage in high winds. Hot-dip galvanizing is standard for maximum environmental protection.

RF PERFORMANCE   C-Band Linear Ku-Band Linear
Effective Aperture   1.8m (7i in). 1.8m (7i in).
Operating Frequency Tx
5.850 - 6.725 GHz
3.400 - 4.200 GHz
12.75 - 14.50 GHz
10.70 - 12.75 GHz
Polarización   Linear, Co or Cross - Polarized Co or Cross - Polarized
Gain (±.3 dBi) Tx
39.3 dBi @ 6.138 GHz
35.4 dBi @ 3.913 GHz
46.8 dBi @ 14.25 GHz
45.3 dBi @ 11.95 GHz
3 dB Beamwidth Tx
2.0º @ 6.1 GHZ
3.0º @ 3.9 GHz
.79º @ 14.3 GHz
.99º @ 12.0 GHz
Sidelobe Envelope
(Tx, Co-Pol dBi)
2ºº <(-) <20º
20º <(-) < 26.3º
26.3º < (-) < 48º
48º < (-) <180º
  29-25 Log (-)
32-25 Log (-)
-10 (Typical)
29-25 Log (-)
32-25 Log (-)
-10 (Typical)
Antenna Cross-Polarization   >30 dB (on axis) >30 dB (on axis)
Antenna Noise Temperature** 10º El 41º k 44º K
(Does not include dissipative losses) 20º El
30º El
36º k
33º K
36º K
33º K
VSWR   1.3:1 Max. 1.3:1 Max.
Isolation, Tx to Rx   60 dB Min. 80 dB Min.
Feed Interface Tx
Type N or CPR-137
*1* for Ku-Band Envelope      

Reflector Material Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester
Antenna Optics One-Piece Offset Feed Prime Focus
Mount Type Elevation over Azimuth
Elevation Adjustment Range 10°-90° Continuos Fine Adjustment360º
Azimuth Adjustment Range 360° Continuous; ± 20º Fine Adjustment
Mats Pipe Interface 4.50 Inch (114 mm) Diameter
Wind Loading Operational: 50 Mi/h
Survival: 125 Mi/h
Temperature -50ºC to 80º C
Humidity 0 to 100% (Condensing)
Atmosphere Salt, Pollutans and Contaminants as Encountered
in Coastal and Industrial Areas
Solar Radiation 360 BUT/h/ft²
Shock and Vibration As Encountered During Shipping and Handling


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